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Ignite™ is a revolutionary brand of USA-made industrial-strength cleaners, degreasers, and aqueous parts washing systems designed for commercial and industrial use.

Ignite™ is a revolutionary brand of USA-made industrial-strength cleaners, degreasers, and aqueous parts washing systems (parts washers) designed for commercial and industrial use.

Our Best-Selling Parts Washers:

Front loader parts washer

Front Loader Parts Washers

With durable construction and an increased cleaning area, Front Loader Parts Washers are ideal for large components and large projects. These reliable parts washers are ideal for a wide range of applications.

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Top loader parts washer

Top Loader Parts Washers

When absolute quality and performance matter, high-caliber Top Loader Parts Washers offer durability, reliability, and unmatched precision machining that’s ideal for small and medium-sized parts and components.

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Manual Parts Washer

Manual Parts Washers

Manual Parts Washers deliver advanced parts washing technology for multiple applications, featuring unique configurations that match specifications. Select these specialty washers for small and medium-sized parts.

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Aqua-30 and Aqua-45

Aqua 30 and Aqua 45

Aqua 30 and Aqua 45 parts washers are the most advanced heated parts cleaning systems available for industrial and automotive applications. Proudly made in the USA, they offer a deep sink, portable design, and incredible value.

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Our Best-Selling Degreasers:

QC degreasers


QC industrial parts cleaning solution is an aqueous degreaser that delivers gentle, yet deep-cleaning power and works well with heated manual, immersion, and ultrasonic parts washing equipment, or spray-and-wipe applications.

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Impact degreasers


Impact parts-washing degreaser is uniquely designed for automatic jet-spray, agitating, immersion, and ultrasonic parts washing systems. It tackles the toughest soils found in automotive, maintenance, and repair operations.

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Garage Guys degreasers

Garage Guys

With an advanced formula that quickly dissolves grease, oil, grime, and adhesives on contact, Garage Guys is the perfect home garage and auto companion, featuring eco-friendly, water-based cleaning and degreasing power.

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WayAway degreasers

Way Away

Way Away is a way oil cleaner and degreaser specifically designed for CNC machine cleaning. It’s fully optimized for strength, safety, and surface compatibility, and works well in spray-and-wipe and sump cleaning applications.

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Eco-friendly and safe for virtually all surfaces, Ignite™ products deliver a unique alternative to hazardous chemicals. Each water-based product is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, butyl-free, and specially formulated for a wide range of uses: machining, precision manufacturing, construction and building, automotive and aerospace, military and government, and much more.

Ignite™ cleaners and degreasers are fully optimized and remove oil, dirt, grime, and grease with ease. They’re ready to use and also available in dilutable concentrates and bulk quantities. Additionally, these parts washing solutions are the perfect match with our industry-best stainless steel parts washers. Ignite™ private and white label programs are available, providing true end-to-end cleaning service.

Ignite™ welcomes distributors and offers competitive bulk and wholesale programs.

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