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Revolutionary Cleaners & Degreasers

Ignite represents a revolutionary brand of cleaners and degreasers ideal for industrial and commercial applications as well as consumer use.

Eco-friendly and developed for all surfaces suitable for water, Ignite products are non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, butyl-free, water-based, and leave a light citrus scent. These deep cleaners and degreasers are specially-formulated to lift hydrocarbon-based dirt and grease from virtually all surfaces with minimal effort and rinsing and they meet or exceed the most stringent industry-testing specifications. Ignite products are available in dilutable concentrates as well as bulk quantities and are ready to use in convenient wipes. They feature non-hazardous formulas ideal for a wide range of uses including industrial maintenance, machining, mining, automotive manufacturing, and printing.

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Precision Ignite

Concentrated Industrial
Degreasers & Cleaners


Industrial Parts
Cleaning Solution

Cycling Wipes

Heavy-Duty Cleaner &
Degreaser for Bicycles


Advanced Gun
Cleaning Solution

Parts Washers

The Best Stainless Steel Technology for Parts Washing

Find more information about degreasers and discover why Ignite’s industrial-strength, aqueous, safe, and eco-friendly products are changing the game when it comes to cleaning and degreasing!

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