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3 Benefits of Manual Parts Washers

By February 2, 2023February 14th, 2023No Comments

From clothes washing machines to car engines, machines are a part of our everyday lives. And these are just a few examples of household machines—there are many other machines hard at work behind the scenes that we never even consider, such as industrial machinery or jet engines, for example. So, what do each of these machines have in common? They’re all made up of a number of small parts that require cleaning with specialized devices, and that’s where a manual parts washer comes in.

manual parts washersDefining a Parts Washer

What is a parts washer? Simply put, a parts washer is a mechanical device used to clean the small, individual parts of a machine. The device uses a combination of water, detergent, and air to remove dirt, oil, and other contaminants. Chances are good that you’ve probably seen a parts washer in action and not even realized it. A manual parts washer, for instance, is one of the most common degreasing tools in the marketplace, using aqueous detergents at a maximum temperature of 45°C. Manual parts washers provide many benefits to anyone that needs to keep machine parts clean. Below are three key benefits of using a manual parts washer:

1) More Cost Effective

Manual parts washers are much more cost effective than automated parts washers. That’s because they require less maintenance and have fewer parts to replace over time. The use of a manual parts washer also reduces the need for costly cleaning solvents, as users can simply use a mild detergent or hot water instead. See what you can use in parts washers here.

 2) Less Risk

Working with large machinery often comes with various safety hazards. However, manual parts washers are much safer than automated parts cleaning machines, as there is no risk of a machine malfunctioning and causing injury. They also require minimal pre-programming and set up time, making them not only easy to use, but also a safer choice. Additionally, manual parts washers tend to be gentler on the parts being cleaned, which helps prevent damage to delicate components.

 3) Easier Maintenance

Another benefit of manual parts washers is that they require much less maintenance than automated cleaning machines. This helps businesses save both time and money in terms of repairs and upkeep. Manual parts washers also require much less cleaning solvent/detergents, and in some cases, require no cleaning solvent at all. This reduces waste created from parts washer cleaning operations.

Investing in a Manual Parts Washer

Overall, manual parts washers are an effective and efficient way to keep machinery parts clean, while saving businesses time, money, and resources. Discover the manual parts washers that Ignite Industrial Technologies has to offer today!

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