Industrial Water-Based Parts Washers & Cleaning Systems

Top Selling Aqueous Parts Washers

We proudly carry a variety of high quality industrial parts washers and cleaning systems specifically designed to solve the washing needs of parts and components of all sizes.

Our parts washing machines are designed for small, medium, and large parts, and they’re available in different styles and configurations, including both manual and automatic. From smaller, personal parts washers, to larger, industrial parts cleaning machines, Ignite Industrial Technologies has the right parts washer for the job.

These powerful parts washers are ideal for the aerospace, automotive, mechanical, shipbuilding, and engineering industries – and don’t forget home or garage use. With a wide range of features and options available, many of our machines are nearly customizable based on your specific requirements. Browse our heavy-duty, industrial-strength parts washers today and find the ideal machine for degreasing, deep cleaning, and drying small or large volumes of parts and components.

Magido Aqueous Parts Washers

Ignite is pleased to offer Magido parts washers.

Magido represents the very best in advanced stainless steel parts washing technology. With a full line of standard and custom engineered solutions, you can expect a faster, less expensive, and more proficient cleaning and degreasing process. Experience the quality of innovative engineering today with Magido parts washers.

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Manual Parts Washers - water based


Manual Parts Washers

Ignite’s Aqua 30 and Aqua 45 parts washers are proudly made in the USA. These manual parts washers represent the most advanced parts cleaning systems available for industrial and automotive applications and feature a heated parts cleaning system ideal for both commercial and consumer applications. The Aqua series of advanced parts washing machines offer a deep sink and portable design, adding convenience to your parts washing needs. They are affordable and environmentally compliant as well.

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manual parts washers IGHP


Manual Parts Washers

Ideal for washing small and medium-sized parts and components, Ignite’s manual parts washers provide excellent high-efficiency cleaning, thanks to a scrub brush, a direct water gun, a pedal-powered piston pump, and cleaning power provided by an aqueous solution. Each of these specialized industrial-strength machines use water-based parts-cleaning solvents and detergents at a maximum temperature of 45°C, and feature extreme strength and durability, with AISI 304 stainless steel construction. 

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Top loader part washer-IGX51


Top Loader Parts Washers

With an impressive assortment of top loader parts washers, Ignite delivers a product line featuring industry-best designs. Suitable for washing heavy, medium-sized parts, the operation of these parts washing machines features the motorized rotation of a basket around a vertical axis. Additionally, each top-loading spray cabinet washer is specifically designed for spray washing, using safe, aqueous detergents at a maximum temperature of 60°C. Rest assured these top loader parts washer systems are durable, featuring AISI 304 stainless steel construction.

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Top loader part washer-IGECO


Top Loader Parts Washers

Ignite’s top loader parts washers are specifically designed for spray washing, using aqueous (water-based) parts cleaning solvent at a temperature of 60°C maximum. This unique lineup of top loaders feature one-wash treatments and are ideal for washing moderately-heavy, small and medium-sized parts. With stainless steel construction delivering strength and durability, these top-loading parts washers are built to last – and the added feature of an automatic low water level shut-off makes it a great addition to your shop.

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Check out the video below to see how you and your business can benefit from Ignite’s powerful line of Aqueous Top Loader Parts Washers.

Top Loader Series Parts Washers

Featuring durable AISI 304 stainless steel construction, Ignite’s top loader parts washing machines are built to last. These parts washing systems are designed for spray washing, using water-based (aqueous) solvents and detergents at a maximum temperature of 60-70°C. Thanks to the internal basket’s motorized rotation around its vertical axis, these top loaders are ideal for washing a variety of small to medium-sized parts and components. 

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