Non-toxic Cleaners & Degreasers:

Ignite™ is a revolutionary brand of USA-made industrial-strength cleaners, degreasers, and aqueous parts cleaning solutions (used in parts washers) designed for commercial and industrial use.


Advanced Gun
Cleaning Solution


Industrial Parts
Cleaning Solution
Products for Garage & Home
Specialty Parts-Washing Degreaser
Concentrated Industrial
Degreasers & Cleaners
Heavy-Duty Cleaner &
Degreaser for Bicycles
Way Oil Cleaner & Degreaser
Floor Cleaner

Eco-friendly and safe for virtually all surfaces, Ignite™ products deliver a unique alternative to hazardous chemicals. Each water-based product is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, butyl-free, and specially formulated for a wide range of uses: machining, precision manufacturing, construction and building, automotive and aerospace, military and government, and much more.

Fully optimized to lift oil, dirt, grime, and grease, Ignite™ products are ready to use and available in dilutable concentrates and bulk quantities. Additionally, the parts-washing solutions are the perfect match with our industry-best stainless steel parts washers. Private and white label programs are also available, providing true end-to-end service. Ignite™ welcomes distributors and offers competitive bulk and wholesale programs.

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