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How to Safely Clean Your Car Engine

By November 1, 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments

A clean engine is a happy engine. But, you can’t just use any old degreaser that you find in your garage. You need a good degreaser that’s safe for engine parts or made exclusively for them. Read on to learn how to safely clean your car engine with automotive degreasers and cleaners

Why Should You Clean Your Engine?

It’s simple really. Cleaning your car engine on a regular basis is important – for two main reasons. First, it helps remove grease, used oil, and carbon build-up that can hinder engine performance. Second, it helps prevent small problems from turning into bigger ones. Remember, a clean engine runs more efficiently and is less likely to overheat. It’s also less likely to break down, which means you’ll save money in the long run.

How to Safely Clean Your Engine

  1.  Make sure the engine is cool before you start cleaning. You don’t want to be working with hot surfaces or steam. If the engine is too hot to touch, wait for it to cool down before proceeding. 
  2. Once the engine is cool, disconnect the battery so you don’t accidentally cause a spark. 
  3. Cover sensitive areas with a plastic sheet or tarp so they don’t get damaged during the cleaning process. This includes the alternator, air filter, and carburetor (if your car has one). 
  4. Spray degreaser on the exposed metal surfaces of the engine block. Be sure to avoid getting any degreaser on plastic or rubber parts, as it can cause deterioration. 
  5. Let the degreaser sit for 5-10 minutes so it can break down all of the grime and grease build-up on the surface of the engine block. 
  6. Use a pressure washer or hose to remove the degreaser from the engine block. Be sure to rinse thoroughly until all of the suds are gone. 
  7. Allow the engine block to dry completely before reconnecting the battery and starting up your car. 
  8. For an extra level of protection, apply a very thin layer of motor oil to all of the exposed metal surfaces after cleaning.

Regularly cleaning your car engine is important for maintaining peak performance and preventing small problems before they become big ones. In this informative post, we showed how to safely clean your car engine using automotive cleaners and degreasers. For a simple recap, just remember to disconnect the battery, cover sensitive areas, spray on the degreaser, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly, and allow the engine block to dry completely before starting up your car again!

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