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Safety is improved with non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally-responsible liquid degreasers from industry leaders.

As increasing focus turns to environmental sustainability and adapting to new initiatives that seek to neutralize harmful greenhouse gas emissions, makers of everything from cars to industrial-strength degreasers are creating products that are safe for people and planet alike. In the case of traditional degreasers, these chemical-based solutions are largely toxic and flammable, posing huge safety risks.

Ignite Industrial Technologies™ is making a difference by improving workplace safety, increasing efficiencies, and reducing the further release of harmful toxins into the environment.

The industry experts at Ignite™ have developed biodegradable liquid cleaner and degreaser products to maximize efficiency (and safety) by effectively eliminating dirt and grease. Confirming its effectiveness in the harshest of environments, Ignite’s parent company uses its products at all its parts-manufacturing facilities.

A safe alternative to toxic chemicals

A “cleaner” is a chemical or biological substance or mixtures of substances formulated into a product for lifting and removing inanimate materials from a surface, including water and air. A “degreaser” is more potent than a cleaner, and its purpose is to remove water-insoluble substances.

Health risks are associated with toxic chemicals and some degreasers. Solvents in degreasers can make a product either solvent-based or solvent-containing. Solvent-free degreasers are currently available, but all are not created equal – particularly with safety in mind.

There’s an easier, safer way to clean and lift away organic films, stubborn grease, paints, oil, lubricants, dust, or corrosion from virtually any surface.

Ignite illuminates personal & planetary safety

Global environmental sustainability initiatives shine a light where industrial operations have failed the environment from decades of unawareness and lack of accountability. Traditional industrial cleaning degreasers contain harmful chemicals and are still being used today. These products can be extremely dangerous or potentially lethal.

Ignite™ products do not include any chelating ingredients such as EDTA, phosphates, caustics, or chlorinated solvents in eco-friendly liquid deep cleaning degreasers and part cleaner solutions.

Ignite QC

Deep cleaners and degreasers by Ignite™ are specially-formulated to lift hydrocarbon-based dirt and grease from virtually all surfaces with minimal effort. These products meet or exceed the most stringent industry-testing specifications and are available in dilutable concentrates, bulk quantities, and ready-to-use convenient wipes. Ignite™ non-hazardous formulas are ideal for various uses, from industrial maintenance and machining to mining, automotive manufacturing, and printing.

Quality Control (QC) Industrial Parts Cleaning Solution is a cost-effective, aqueous degreaser that is fully optimized and specially formulated for concentrated strength, safety, and surface compatibility.

Ignite™ QC is often used in heated manual, immersion, ultrasonic parts washing equipment, or spray-and-wipe applications. This revolutionary product contains built-in rust inhibitors making it perfect for metal surfaces, including aluminum, carbon and stainless steel, bronze, copper, and more.

Try Ignite™ QC and see why this revolutionary new liquid deep cleaning product deserves the rave reviews it receives.

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