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The Importance of Cleaning CNC Machines

By September 22, 2022September 27th, 2022No Comments

Nothing is more disruptive ― or expensive ― than having an essential machine break down. For businesses, what’s worse are the consequences of being offline for a potentially extended period of time. 

According to the asset-consulting company, Marshall Institute, unplanned downtime typically costs a business three times as much as proper preventive maintenance.

Preventative maintenance services can help specialized machinery remain reliable and functional, while adding longevity. CNC machines are no exception. Regular maintenance keeps CNC machines running smoothly so businesses are able to meet production deadlines and client commitments. 

Preventative Maintenance

It should come as no surprise: CNC machines operate more efficiently with regular maintenance and cleanings. But, did you know? Regular maintenance results in less power consumption and allows individual parts to operate at optimum precision levels. Even if there are no signs of excessive wear or other potential issues, completing regularly-scheduled maintenance services helps avoid wear and tear and ensures that all components and equipment are working properly. Regular maintenance and CNC machine cleaning can mean lower electricity bills and higher productivity.

Preventative maintenance delays or even eliminates production disruptions and extends equipment life. Qualified technicians are able to identify, address, and fix potential machine issues before situations become irreversible. Routine servicing can also enhance machine performance, deliver more favorable results, and increase equipment output. Technicians are also able to accurately diagnose problems and repairs as needed identifying potential weak points or inevitable issues that may soon arise. With their close monitoring and servicing, machine damage can be avoided. Ultimately, scheduled maintenance prevents costly downtime while minimizing the chance of a complete breakdown.

Service and Repair 

Unfortunately, repairing or replacing CNC machinery can take longer if replacement parts are needed. To combat this, most technicians keep a variety of common parts in stock and they are able to provide them quickly, whenever a repair is needed so that  businesses can resume production.

Additionally, CNC equipment manufacturers often provide customers with help desk support. Qualified support reps can easily answer questions for CNC operators, provide operation guidance, diagnose problems remotely, and schedule repairs for faster service. Trained CNC technicians are also less likely to make mistakes or take shortcuts when operating equipment or performing maintenance duties.

The bottom line is simple: a preventative maintenance plan can help your CNC machine run for many years. Investing in CNC cleaners, routine cleaning, and thorough inspections protect your machine and your business.

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