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What is an Immersion Parts Washer?

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Immersion parts washers are cleaning systems designed to efficiently remove dirt, dust, oil, and grease from metal parts. This type of cleaning system is used across a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive, and industrial.

An immersion parts washer is a type of cleaning system that uses a combination of hot water and detergent to clean metal parts safely. The parts are placed in a tank filled with hot water and detergent and then agitated by rotating jets or paddles. This agitation helps to loosen any dirt, dust, oil, or grease that may be clinging to the surface of the part. The detergents used in immersion cleaning systems are specially formulated to be non-corrosive so as not to damage the metal components during the cleaning process.

How Do Immersion Parts Washers Work?

Immersion parts washers use a combination of heat, water pressure, and agitation to create an effective cleaning solution for metal components. The heated water helps to break down any stubborn residues while the pressure helps to force these particles off the surface of the part being cleaned. The agitation from the jets or paddles helps ensure that all areas of the part are thoroughly cleaned before it is removed from the cleaning tank for further processing or inspection.

The Benefits

Immersion parts washers offer other benefits such as reduced cycle times. Also, because of their efficient operation and low-water usage compared to traditional equipment like brushes or rags, they require fewer water changes when washing larger batches of components. Additionally, they’re designed with safety in mind; all machines come equipped with advanced, built-in safety features such as temperature controls that reduce operation risk as well as emergency stop buttons in case something goes wrong during use.


Immersion parts washers are essential for anyone working in manufacturing, automotive repair, or maintenance facilities. These machines combined with the immersion cleaning process, the agitation method, and an aqueous cleaning detergent are one powerful package. They can quickly remove dirt, dust oil, and grease particles from tough surfaces without damaging them making them perfect for multiple applications and industries. With their easy setup and operation plus enhanced safety measures, you can rest assured your team will be able to effectively clean up even the most complicated jobs!

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