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Why Ignite is a Global Distributor of MAGIDO USA Parts Washers

By April 28, 2023May 2nd, 2023No Comments

Gregg Silvers, Vice President of Product Development

As a business leader, I have always been committed to finding innovative solutions for our customers that enhance their operations and improve their bottom line. When choosing the best source of parts washers, we turned to MAGIDO USA, a company that has continually innovated the parts cleaning market.

Why MAGIDO? Because they represent the very best in advanced stainless steel parts washing technology. With one of their standard and custom-engineered solutions, you can expect a faster, less expensive, and more proficient cleaning and degreasing process.

Magido Italia

Addressing Complex Parts Cleaning Challenges

MAGIDO USA’s expertise in solving complicated parts cleaning problems was one of the key drivers behind our decision to team up with them. By offering flexible options to enhance the cleaning process, rinsing, drying, and contaminant removal, MAGIDO best enabled our customers to achieve their desired cleaning and degreasing goals and improve efficiency.

By providing integrated solutions that cater to specific needs, MAGIDO offers significant improvements in the parts cleaning process through their unique products.

Upgrading an Antiquated Parts Cleaning Process

MAGIDO products solve the antiquated parts cleaning process that typically slows down productivity and increases operational costs. In the past, parts cleaning often involved harsh chemicals and manual scrubbing, which not only posed a safety risk to workers, it also resulted in inconsistent cleaning results. The cleaning process has been enhanced to clean parts faster and more thoroughly, which reduces the risk of defects or failure caused by residual contaminants.

MAGIDO has designed their machines to accommodate small, medium, and large parts. And, they offer a variety of styles and configurations, including both manual and automatic options. These customizations ensure customers get the best parts washer to support their individual business needs.

Alternative Options to Costly Maintenance and Repairs

MAGIDO’s solutions have also helped our customers find alternative options to costly maintenance and repair issues. With their all-inclusive service and support, we can access professional, experienced, and dedicated dealer networks that help achieve specific parts-cleaning objectives and reducing costs associated with maintenance and repair while improving the reliability of the parts-cleaning process.

Transitioning Away from Solvents and Harsh Chemicals

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are always interested in helping customers transition away from solvents and harsh chemicals in their parts cleaning process. MAGIDO’s solutions allow customers to use our eco-friendly and non-toxic parts washing formulas, which further aligns with our sustainability goals. This cleaning process helps reduce environmental impact while still achieving the desired level of cleanliness.


Our decision to become a global distributor of MAGIDO products was easy. We’ve been impressed with their ability to effectively address complex parts cleaning challenges like outdated parts cleaning processes, creating alternative options to costly maintenance and repair issues, and their dedication to avoid solvents and harsh chemicals. MAGIDO’s reputation for manufacturing aqueous parts washing equipment is evident in its ability to serve industries from industrial manufacturing companies to automotive repair shops and MRO operations. Their advanced solutions have helped customers achieve operational goals while reducing excessive costs. Any company seeking a dependable and efficient parts-cleaning solution should strongly consider MAGIDO USA.

Ignite Industrial Technologies™ proudly serves the North American market with direct, on-the-ground support and service in California, Texas, Florida, and the Midwestern region of the U.S.

To learn more about our industry-leading parts washers and our revolutionary brand of eco-friendly cleaners and degreasers for commercial and consumer use, contact us today!

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